Israel’s trail of EU destruction

It’s a table that lists 82 instances of damage inflicted by Israeli Defence Force attacks to EU funded development projects, together with the Member States that provided the money for each, and the date of the attack (from May 2001 through to October 2011).  Total losses are put at €49.1 million, with €29.3m attributed to EU funding.List of projects destroyed by the IDF and funded by the EU. The greatest single instance of damage is well known and took place more than a decade ago – the €16m loss brought about by the destruction of Gaza Airport, a project part funded by the EU to the tune of €9.5m.  Many of the other projects listed are small, some very so, and it’s not obvious from the list what destruction took place.

Israel’s trail of EU destruction (chrisdaviesmep)

The Israeli occupation authorities have issued notices of their intention to demolish a solar energy project which provides the only source of electricity for a number of Palestinian villages south of Hebron. The head of the People’s Committee in Yatta confirmed that the Israelis told the residents of the plan to destroy the project, which was funded by European organisations. Rateb Jabour added that if the demolition threat goes ahead it will return 2,300 Palestinians to a life without a modern power source. According to Mr. Jabour, the intention behind the destruction of the project is to encourage Palestinian residents to move out;

Israel set to destroy European-funded solar energy project (

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