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Brussels fears free speech

photo: The Death of Socrates
photo The Death of Socrates

Replace freedom of speech with hate speech and you get rid of the former, basking on moral high ground of fighting the latter.

There was a time when people in the Eastern Bloc were forbidden to listen to Radio Free Europe, The Voice of America or any other western broadcaster on pain of, depending and country and period, severe or mild punishment. The mentioned radio stations were jammed most of the time, which was not the only countermeasure that was implemented: the government-controlled mass media would target selected news and in an attempt to spread “information literacy” raise the citizens’ awareness of the dangers of being exposed to hostile Western propaganda which, allegedly, went out of their way to create the impression of failed socialist states.

Does James Comey know Donald Trump is going to win?

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin
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It may well be so or else he wouldn’t have opened an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s careless handling of classified information.1)FBI obtains warrant to examine Clinton emails, Business Insider 2016-10-31; James Comey: The FBI boss at the centre of the Hillary Clinton email storm, Global News 2016-11-01. If the FBI director knew Hillary was going to become president in a few weeks’ time and still pursed the agenda of investigating her case, he would certainly run the risk of having his career broken once and for all.

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1. FBI obtains warrant to examine Clinton emails, Business Insider 2016-10-31; James Comey: The FBI boss at the centre of the Hillary Clinton email storm, Global News 2016-11-01.

The Globalist Elite against the European people: a conflict of interests that risks to end European integration

The Globalist Elite against the European people
photo Ferdinand Delacroix (1798-1863) “Liberty on the Barricades” (1830).
Guest Author: Carlo Sacino

Populism. If you open a newspapers or look up the news online, you are likely to find declarations from the President of the European Commission Juncker, or the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, or the French President François Hollande, just to name a few, that ‘’European people should not fall for populism’’.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of ‘’The Black Swan’’, best-selling book on the verge of the 2007 financial crisis, offers a different interpretation in one of his latest commentaries in a harsh criticism of intellectuals: ‘’ What we generally call participation in the political process, he (The Intellectual) calls by two distinct designations: “democracy” when it fits the Intellectual-Yet-Idiot, and “populism” when the plebeians dare voting in a way that contradicts his preferences.’’ 1)The Intellectual Yet Idiot, Medium 201609-16.

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No industry, no growth: Southern Europe’s production start declining after euro adoption

No industry, no growth
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Some say that the common currency prevents less productive economies from cheating by weakening their national currencies and forces them to become more efficient and competitive. Industrial production data shows that it is not the case. Italy, France, Greece and Portugal have not only stopped producing more; they are producing now less than in 1990! The decay started immediately after the introduction of the euro in 2002!

The OECD industrial production data analysis leads to the following conclusions:
1. since 1990 industrial production (manufacturing and construction included) has been growing in volume at large, even in the most developed countries;
2. the disproportion between industrial output in Germany and two other biggest euroarea economies, Italy and France, occurred already just after the 2001-2002 crisis;
3. Southern Europe’s economies have lost their ability to rebound in industrial production alongside the adoption of the euro.

Europe Faces Unprecedented Demographic Pressure

Unprecedented Demographic Pressure
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The world’s demographics in Africa and Asia have changed dramatically over the last 50 years. Population in numerous African countries has a staggering growth of 300% up to almost 600%. There are no signs countries in Africa, and Central Asia can lift themselves out of poverty. The population explosion in Africa will be a driving force of large-scale migration. Many will leave their homeland to resettle in Europe and the US. This will have a profound effect on those who will stay in their countries and on those in the recipient countries.

European elites try to present immigration as a positive and cultural enrichment. However, forced re-population is a known military strategy, and is used to subjugate the enemy. William T. Sherman cabled Ulysses S. Grant: “Until we can repopulate Georgia it is useless to occupy.”1)Telegram of William T. Sherman to Ulysses S. Grant, October 9, 1864, Civil War Era NC. From an abstract point of view, it makes no difference if the re-population is done by a vicious enemy, by bureaucrats or if it happens just naturally: the effects are the same.

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1. Telegram of William T. Sherman to Ulysses S. Grant, October 9, 1864, Civil War Era NC.

Germany-France: “We are the people”

During the last days of Honecker the people chanted “We Are The People”. Yesterday the police staged a spontaneous protest in Paris shouting ” citoyens avec nous “. In Bautzen Germany, the common people went to the street roaring: “Wir sind das Volk”

Euro Area Crisis: We are Back in 2012 and Even Worse

Euro Area Crisis
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The efficiency of a monetary policy is disputable in recent times, especially in the Euro Area. But it is not a monetary policy to blame because it works in sovereign countries with their own fiscal policy. It is the design of the Eurozone itself that makes the European Central Bank’s actions ineffective, whatever they are.

The unending crisis in the European banking system is clear proof. In a sovereign country, adjusted monetary policy in combination with so called fiscal policy is enough to manage a banking sector during liquidity problems. It means that if banks stop trusting each other and do not lend money to each other any more, a national central bank wades in and provides temporarily some cheap money to stave off a threat and give the government (fiscal authorities) time to solve the underlying solvency problems. The Euro Area does not have this incredibly important mechanism.

Shell’s 6.5% Dividend Is Monetised by The European Central Bank.

The European Central Bank.
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Oil companies and their beneficiaries that suffer from low oil prices are being rescued by the current ECB monetary policies. Negative interest rates and the ECB cooperate bond purchase program is turning corporate finances upside down and makes dividend payments rational even if revenue does not justify it. While the oil price is still low, there is no reason to believe that oil prices will stay at this level. There is a lack of investment in new production and world demand is increasing. Energy Information Administration (EIA) expects demand to outpace supply in 20171)US EIA raises forecast to world oil demand in 2016 and 2017 Source Nasdaq. The exact moment of a sharp price increase is hard to predict, but it will be somewhere between now and 2020. Oil companies and oil-producing countries have to weather the storm to survive.

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TARGET2; European Banking Crisis is Escalating Again

TARGET2; European Banking Crisis is Escalating Again
photo Shutterstock / Nagy-Bagoly Arpad

Problems of Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Monte dei Paschi and other German, Italian and Spanish banks are not the only concern of the European Banking System. Trouble is much deeper than it is thought because there is a systemic imbalance that has been increasing for almost ten years. Politicians do not want to tell us the truth, but soon we will experience the same crisis in the Monetary Union as we did in 2012.

The extent of the problems in the European Banking System is TARGET2 and its balances of the National Central Banks of the Eurosystem. These balances, or rather imbalances, reflect the direction of the capital flight. And there is only one way: from Southern Europe into Germany. After Mario Draghi’s famous words “I do whatever it takes to save the euro”, things seemed to improve; however, since January 2015 problems have been escalating again.

The Pro-Israel Lobby Have Already Won the American Election!

United States and Israel
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The US alternative media rightly like to point out how the big banks buy their influence in Washington, but they purposely fail to mention another more powerful interest group, with much more influence. For every dollar a lobby group donates, it wants something in return. According to our analyses, the big banks are not the principal contributors who pull strings in Washington. The money trail shows another influential group that have put their wealth and money behind both candidates.

Presidential candidates have always had their political action committees (PACs). These collected money from donors and used it for the campaign. Traditional PACs must abide by strict limits: the money can only be accepted from individual contributors (corporations and labor unions excluded) and its amount is strictly limited.1)Federal Election Commission, Contribution Limits 2013-2014.Super PACs differ from traditional PACs in that they are allowed to collect money in all amounts, from individuals as well as corporations and labor unions on condition that (i) this money will not be given directly to the candidate nor (ii) will the expenditure of the money be consulted with the candidate.2)Sunlight Foundation, 2012-01-31.This has opened up quite new possibilities to the presidential candidates.

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