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Renan Calheiros: a redenção da política brasileira

Rodrigo Cintra

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The EU’s foreign policy inertia

Ricardo Migueis

The US keeps on expanding its influence world-wide through its aggressive bilateral commercial strategy. The latest free trade agreement has been with Central America, moreover, talks with Mercosulian member Paraguay and Middle Eastern countries Egypt and United Arab Emirates are hitting the headlines. Meanwhile, the EU’s aim of promoting multilateral development is being hindered by its own internal institutional inertia.

One step forward: the US trade agenda on the Americas

Rodrigo Cintra & Mariana Ricci

North American influence in Central America’s politics and economics is huge. According to Brazilian analysts the recently free trade agreement signed among Central America countries, Dominican Republic and the United States (CAFTA-DR: Central America Free Trade Agreement-Dominican Republic) is only an institutionalization of a preferential trade which already happens, just institutionalizing American influence in that region.

Leadership and democracy

Ricardo Migueis

There is a political leadership crisis and apparently is not only in Europe, in Latin America too. Even though different in nature, these crises are leading to a discredit in democracy in both sides of the Atlantic.

The French “no” and the future of EU-Mercosul relations’

Rodrigo Cintra

Leadership and commitment are two of the main characteristics needed for a sustainable international action, especially in the case of regional integration. Leadership implies assuming all responsibilities from actions and finding the appropriate ways to implement them. Commitment implies defending your positions in public and while gathering the required political and popular support.