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Juncker: ‘Dutch “NO” will result in big continental crisis’

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JunckerTuskPoroshenkoIn April the Dutch people will vote on the European-Ukraine association treaty.  In an interview with the NRC, a Dutch leading newspaper, Juncker warned the Dutch voters a “NO” will lead to a big continental crisis. “Russia and anti European movements will profit from a Dutch No, the Dutch has to vote yes for reasons not related to the treaty, the Dutch should act like an European strategist” according to Mr Juncker.
Even the Dutch leader of the most pro European party, Mr  Pechtold, was shocked by the warning, fearing it will have an avert affect on the Dutch voters.

The Dutch government introduced a consulting referendum in 2015, the Dutch law claimed democratic improvements while in reality it was constructed to prevent a referendum from ever happening. Dutch people who want a consultative referendum are obliged to collect 300.000 paper signatures. On average it takes an hour to collect one valid signature, the Dutch authorities were absolutely convinced that no one will ever manage to collect that many signatures.

Paradoxically an organization was created by Dutch authorities to facilitate a Dutch referendum, knowing that its principal never want to see a referendum happening. For this reason they do not accept the use of the Dutch digital authentication system (DigID), a system introduced by the Dutch authorities to communicate digitally with the Dutch authorities.

Unfortunately for the Dutch lawmakers a Dutch blog figured out how to collect “real” signatures digitally. People literally has to draw their “real” signature on the PC, using a drawing canvas in their electronic form. They were able to collect about 300.000 signatures, while the Dutch mainstream media completely ignoring this watershed moment.
The first Referendum under the new law is going to be against the Ukraine association treaty. The organization sees the European association treaty with Ukraine as provoking unnecessary violent tension in Europe. The EU was established to promote stability and peace within Europe, however with the treaty they are neglecting the founding principals.
The Europe association treaty and NATO’s involvement in Ukraine resulted in
1. Violent riots in Kiev
2. Expulsion of the Ukraine government
3. Annexation of the Crimea
4. War in eastern Ukraine
5. Possible enlargement of the EU without the consultation of the EU citizen
6. Flow of money to a country that is still ruled by corrupt oligarchs
7. European-NATO encroaching into former Soviet Republics

As the Netherlands head the EU presidency, the Dutch will go to the ballot box to vote against the European Ukraine association treaty. Brussels’ elite already knows that there is resentment against the enlargement of the European Union, it is however new that the referendum also includes NATO policies.