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Geopolitics escalates in Europe

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Photo Lawrence Goh
Photo Lawrence Goh

The political situation in Europe is escalating rapidly. Saturday and Sunday Brussels was placed on lockdown. In Crimea there was a total electricity blackout after the pylons providing electricity for the region had been blown up in Ukraine. Border controls all over Europe are being reinstated as the Schengen agreements are suspended.

As Europe is in turmoil and European politicians are paralyzed by terror, it is a matter of time before Moscow secures its access to Crimea.

Brzezinski, US top strategist, explained in 1997 that Ukraine is Russia’s bridge to Europe. Taking this bridge out will isolate Russia from Europe. Brzezinski also noticed that Muslims make up 20 to 30% of the Russian population. Arming the Mujaheddin and supporting the aspiration of Muslims could destabilize whole nations. The grand-master of the US hegemony never anticipated the current chaos in Europe.

Europe according to twitter


Shops are closed in Crimea and cars are lined up at petrol station



Anti corruption protesters are back in Ukraine.



Border control between France and Belgium, since the Schengen agreements the checkpoints were removed.



Refugees at Germans border



Army in Brussels



Brussels locked down due to terror threat