Suleiman, the new vice-president of Egypt : moving from torture to democracy?

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Written by MarianneRC   
Friday, 04 February 2011

"He's a charitable man... He tortures only people that he doesn't know"
Obama to the Egyptians: Change we never believed in... 
Egypt's new dictator presented by the USA: 2009 articles on Omar Suleiman.
 "As the head of the Mukhabarat, Suleiman's political and military portfolio is vast. The GIS combines the intelligence-gathering elements of the CIA, the counterterrorism role of the FBI, the protection duties of the Secret Service, and the high-level diplomacy of the State Department." - Egypt's Next Strongman (
 Suleiman has a very good recomandation: "He's a charitable man, friendly," said Suskind. "He tortures only people that he doesn't know." (New Egyptian VP Ran Mubarak's Security Team, Oversaw Torture - abcnews)
"According to journalist Stephen Grey, Suleiman was the Egyptian conduit for the U.S. extraordinary rendition flights closely linked to torture." (Rendition connection -
And in pictures see how agents of our partner in the War on Terror on the job ((Be aware nasty pictures):

Suleiman, the new vice-president of Egypt: moving from torture to democracy?

Who, Mubarak thought he could dupe, when he called as Vice-President and Prime Minister two characters issued from the benches of the secret services, traitors to the state and people? From torture to democracy, American concept of democratisation and friendship definitely opens a lot of perspectives, as it is in their interests of course...

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In memoriam
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