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France plunged in chaos; are the days of François Hollande numbered?

HollandeFranceTwo weeks before the UEFA EURO 2016 starts in Saint-Denis near Paris the situation in France is deteriorating rapidly now that the country is also running out of petrol due to labor unrest. The French police are overwhelmed due to the state of emergency after the two terrorist attacks in Paris last year. Since then there have been large-scale civil upheavals and riots due to labor law reforms and chaos as a result of  immigration problems near Calais.

France is known for its radical labor protests and it is not the first time the country experienced a petrol shortage due to blockades. But this time it is different because there is now discontent at all levels of French society. Francois Hollande has an approving rating of 17 %, which is the lowest ever for a president of the Fifth Republic1)Francois Hollande scores lowest poll for a French president Source EuroNews.

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1. Francois Hollande scores lowest poll for a French president Source EuroNews

Germany is Now the Sole Dominant Economic Power in Europe

GermanFlagThe European Union does Germany a lot of good. To say that the country would develop better or worse without the common currency would be risky. However, the fact is that Germany is doing much better than other EU-members and the Eurozone has never been so dominated by one country. Germany has been growing faster at the regional as well as at the national level and has been gaining its relevance at others’ expense. Accusations of German supremacy may well be grounded, but then the question is who is to blame? Those who are able to improve or those who are lagging behind?

Europe is surrounded by adversaries

mapofenergyEuropean gas supply

Currently, less than half of the EU’s gas demand is met by domestic production. The rest is imported, mainly from Norway (36%), Russia (41%) and Algeria (10%). In recent years, LNG, or liquefied natural gas, has accounted for around 10% of the imports, with most of them coming from Qatar, Algeria, and Nigeria.

The Franco-German Relationship is Clinically Dead

HollandeThe 1992 Treaty of Maastricht came two years after the unification of Germany and laid the groundwork for the 2002 introduction of the euro. The French elite was afraid for the resurgence of a new German powerhouse. To eliminate the dominant Deutschmark, they wanted to extend the use of the German currency to the whole European Common market and have it renamed to the euro. In 1992, Le Figaro wrote that the “Maastricht is the Treaty of Versailles without war”.1)France, Germany and the European Union: Maastricht and After 2003 Author:Aparajita Endow A French observer noticed, “Maastricht is only a calculated move against the predominance of the Bundesbank and against an independent German currency.”2)France, Germany and the European Union: Maastricht and After 2003 Author:Aparajita Endow

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Europe has to resign from its pension systems

pension_qDemographic trends that are taking place are having an adverse effect on pension systems. Some experts are painting a black picture: pension systems will collapse. Others, especially those in the pay of the governments, assure us of their stability. We had better ask whether the economies of the countries concerned will support their pension systems because the ageing societies certainly will not.

Pension systems are not only about elderly people. They are constructed on the basis of a contract between generations or, to put it otherwise, on the concept of social solidarity: people who are currently economically active provide in the form of pensions for those who are not. That’s the first, the main pillar of the pension system, often referred to as the pay-as-you-go pension plan.

Europe Inevitable Intervention in Libya Will Add 1.3 Million Barrels to the World Oil Glut

LibyaEUEurope is planning on recolonizing Libya, and so it will send in armed forces in the coming months to restore order and stem the flow of migrants coming from Africa. If this expedition army succeeds in securing parts of the country and restoring law and order, Italian and German engineers from ENI and Wintershall will follow suit to help resume the country’s oil production, which will add 1.3 million barrels per day (Libya produced 1.7 million barrels per day before Muammar Gaddafi was toppled in 2011) to the world oil glut 1)Crude oil production in Libya Source EIA.

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They Have Come To Power To Earn Money

Poroshenko1At least that’s what Yegor Firsov says, a former deputy to the Ukrainian Parliament, and head of the Donetsk Udar Party. The forty-odd-year-old lawyer made the headlines when he announced his resignation from his participation in the Petro Poroshenko Bloc. He did not want to be privy to the process of hushing up corruption, he said1. So long as Minister Igor Kononenko and Attorney General Viktow Shokin were at the helm of power, said Yegor Firsov, that long he could not participate in the doings of the presidential bloc.

Trump Will Get Rid of the Neconservatives and Their Costly Failures

sacrificeThere is a good chance Donald Trump will win the presidency as we already said in August 20151)The world should prepare for Mr. Trump as the next president of the USA Source Gefira 2015-08-15. Trump has the support of the most powerful part of the American elite. A Media Research Center study finds that, over a two week period, coverage of Donald Trump’s campaign took up nearly 78 percent of all CNN’s prime time GOP campaign coverage. 2)CNN Has Spent 78% of Its GOP Primary Coverage on Trump Source RedState 2015-09-16 According to mediaQuant, the big networks gave Trump 1.8 billion dollars’ worth free publicity, far more than the other candidates, with Clinton receiving a mere 746 million dollars.

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Paris and Brussels Terror Attacks: Europe Pays Heavy Price For Its Complacency

JihadEurope faces an existential crisis. Current European leadership and European leading elites have manoeuvred Europe into a situation that will spin out of control and result in a vicious circle of violence. History teaches that in the long run ethnic minorities can bring about unrest. The imams in Europe, very often in the payroll of Saudi Arabia or another Gulf country, take care that their fellow Muslims retain their religious integrity and keep themselves away from the infidels. Meanwhile European authorities struggle with violent criminals who converted to radical Islam and became even more dangerous. The Dutch jihadist reintegration approach helped criminal and jihadist El Bakraoui to evade the Belgian justice system, before he blew himself up in Brussels. To understand what is happening on the old continent, let us bring up tree main topics, and then elaborate on them.

Russia’s International Standing

BricsUp to the dissolution of the Soviet Union the world had been bipolar: there had been two superpowers, the USSR and the USA, with two rivalling military (NATO, the Warsaw Pact) and economic (the European Economic Community and the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance in the West known as COMECON) blocs of vassal states. When the Soviet Union collapsed (1991) the world was left with but one superpower: the USA.

Ukraine Collapse Is Now Imminent

PoroshenkoTwo years have passed since Yanukovich was deposed and, as it turns out, another ruthless clan of oligarchs has taken power. No wonder then that Ukraine is heading for a new wave of violence and chaos. Oligarchs are fighting each other, the IMF is pulling out of the country, officials issue laws and regulations only to see them repealed within a day or two by others, and raided European companies are leaving the country after being robbed by the so-called pro-Brussels oligarchic elite.

Brexit!? France and Germany can not wait

MerkelCameronIf London decides to leave the European Union nobody in Europe will even notice. Great Britain is an entirely separate country, isolated from the European Union and does not participate in the Euro or Schengen Agreement. The European Union as a political platform is disintegrating and becoming more and more irrelevant and will be displaced by the European Monetary Union (EMU).
The center of power in Europe has shifted from the EU to the EMU and London politicians are fully aware of it.